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Corrugated Pipe
Corrugated pipes supplied by us are the plastic-based insulating material pipes offered with different diameters and corrugated shapes. These dimensionally stable pipes are offered with functional flexibility and high durability.
DWC Pipe
DWC pipes have resistance to corrosion, weathering and abrasion. The pipes are stiff and inflexible. These chemically inert and environmentally safe pipes have advanced impact strength. Offered environment-safe pipes have no leakage or crack problems.
Polyamide Conduit Pipe
Offered Polyamide Conduit Pipes are apt for the protection to wires as well as cables. These have high functional flexibility and ensure the protection of wires as well as cables from burning fire.
SWC Joints Fittings
SWC joints fittings are functional as the sheathing channels suited for internal bonding at the post tensioning. These are apt for several projects such as Flyovers, offshore platforms and Bridges. Their fixture is effortless and easy.
Microduct Pipes
The Microduct Pipes can provide the provision of additional pathways for future development. The pipes allow for faster installation and reduced cable costs. The pipes facilitate access to several places at any time.
Corrugated Duct
Corrugated ducts we offer are flexible and ribbed plastic pipes, which is suited for post-tensioning in concrete construction. These lightweight ducts are easy to handle and fit. Its long service life add to its cost-effectiveness and durability.
Pipe Accessories
Pipe Accessories supplied by us are the essential components of piping systems which can add to their functionality, reduced costs improve and safety. These are advanced piping accessories, provided to clients at economical rates.
Polyolefin  Cable Channel
Polyolefin Cable Channels are highly suitable for laying of all variations of Signal/Communication/Power cables. These can be used in all types of restricted as well as unrestricted areas. Supplied channels can protect cables from many external influences.

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